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BES VACATIONS & DMC. , acts as an intermediary between the users and those who provide the included services (airlines, hotels and ground transportation among others) and is responsible for structuring tourist packages to facilitate the traveler obtaining air quotas and booking rooms in the Hotels and / or affiliates to hotel chains, request the required services and contract them on behalf of the user according to their availability, in accordance with the information provided by the service providers.

Travelers who access this site or purchase the tourist services offered are responsible for reading and understanding the provisions contained in these terms and conditions. If the provisions indicated here are not clear or if you do not agree with any of them, refrain from acquiring the published services.



• BES VACATIONS: It is a Tour Operator that acts as an intermediary between clients and those who provide the included services, such as Airlines, land transport companies, land operators, Hotels and Travel Agencies.

• Guest / Client: Person who uses the services of accommodation, transportation, receptive, food, drinks and other services provided by BES VACATIONS & DMC.

• Airline: Organization dedicated to the transport of passengers or cargo by plane.

• E-TKT: Electronic document issued by an airline to make effective the air transport services purchased.

• Seasons: Specific periods of the year, in which previously established differential rates and conditions apply.

• Rooms: Part of the space of a hotel separated from the others, destined for the rest of the guests.

• Connections: Change of plane that a customer makes in a city or intermediate cities, before reaching their final travel destination.

• Reservation: Separation of air and / or hotel quotas on a given date for a client for a set period of time.

• Confirmed reservation: Separation of air and / or hotel quotas on a specific date for a client for a set period of time. This reserve has no credits, or, deposits made, or, does not comply with the established payment plan.

• Reconfirmed reservation: Separation of air and / or hotel quotas for a client on a certain date until the service is provided, this reservation has credits and complies with the established payment plan, or, the total payment made.

• Canceled reservation: Cancellation of a separation of air and / or hotel quotas for a client on a certain date, for this reservation the established payments or deposits were not made.

• Voucher: Document that contains all the data of the reconfirmed reservation with full payment of a tourist service and has a reservation code, which must be presented by the client to the service providers in which they have reconfirmed their reservation to enjoy purchased services.

• Invoice: Corresponds to the document that confirms the total payment of the Tourist Plan.

• No show: No presentation of a customer to a previously purchased plan without giving notice. Not showing up for your reservation may result in the loss of the purchased plan.

• Reimbursement: Economic operation through which a customer is returned part or all of the money that he had previously paid as payment for a plan.

• Tourist card: Tax charged in some countries and / or destinations to allow non-residents to enter their territory for a temporary period.

• Destination: Area, place or zone where a client is going, through the purchase of a tourist plan. • Travel plan: It is a set of tourist services that are marketed in a unique way. It contains services such as accommodation, food, transportation and other services, for which a price is paid that covers all services. An individual price is not established for each service provided.

• Promotional or special plan: Temporary offer of products under special conditions for free or more favorable, as an incentive for the consumer. Promotion shall also be understood as the offering of products with additional content to the usual presentation, free of charge or at a temporary and reduced price. As well as the one done by the consumer incentive system, such as raffles, contests and other similar ones, in money, in kind or with accumulation of points.

• Penalty: Economic sanction caused by non-compliance with one or more conditions or circumstances agreed upon previously in the travel plan.

• Complementary services: Additional tourist services that are not included in the tourist plan and that are optional for the user / traveler.

• Infant, Child and Adult: Infants are considered to be those under 2 years of age, Children to minors between the age of 2 and 11 on the date of entry to the hotel and an adult from 12 years of age.



As an intermediary of tourist services, it is responsible for:

1. The organization of tourist packages, to facilitate the obtaining of air and land quotas, reservation of rooms in the Hotels.

2. Request the services required and contracted by users (air tickets, accommodation, food, ground transportation or any other service required by the user) according to their availability.

3. Communicate to users about the value of rates, taxes, requirements, documents and all relevant information for the user at the time of acquiring the tourist plans.

4. Make the refund of the money canceled by the users within the established term, when they make use of their right of withdrawal or withdrawal, after discounting the established penalty.

5. BES VACATIONS & DMC. It is only responsible for the inconveniences presented in the structuring of the tourist plans contracted by the users.



1. BES VACATIONS & DMC. is not responsible for the impossibility of providing the services acquired in unforeseeable events or force majeure.

2. BES VACATIONS & DMC. reserves the right to make modifications to the tourism plan or service contracted in unforeseen events or force majeure.

3. BES VACATIONS & DMC. is not responsible for the changes made by the providers of the contracted services or for unforeseen events such as:

  • Airport delays, flight delays, congestion in hotels, quarantines and other circumstances of force majeure or fortuitous events that alter the normal development of the provision of tourist services, therefore, if said contracted service providers could not provide partially or totally their services for which they were hired.
  • Accidents, losses or damages suffered by clients as a consequence of recklessness or non-observance of the instructions and / or regulations established by the airlines, hotels or tourist service providers for the enjoyment of their stay.
  • Damages, losses and damages caused by carelessness, negligence or non-delivery in custody of jewelry and / or property owned by customers.
  • BES VACATIONS & DMC. It is not responsible for the impossibility of providing the contracted services, when the cause is attributable to the user.



All prices and rates published on this site are subject to change, availability and validity without prior notice and to the regulation of the rate rule of hotel and air plans. However, the rate that is confirmed at the time of purchasing the plan does NOT vary. The taxes, fees and contributions that affect air, hotel and other services offered by BES VACATIONS may vary at any time by disposition of the National Government or foreign entity, as the case may be, which must be assumed by the guest / client at time of issuance of air tickets, plan or tourist package. Restrictions and conditions apply for each published rate according to its validity.

The hotel tariff depends on the chosen accommodation. The prices of the plans are calculated based on double accommodation per person. When the requested accommodation is in a triple or quadruple room, the price per plan per additional passenger is the same as for the double room. Accommodation in a single room has an additional charge and will be settled directly through the WEB page.

Before acquiring the tourist plans published on this web portal, you should check their characteristics and the maximum accommodation allowed by the hotel.

The conditions of the food service included in the travel plan will be provided by the hotel from the moment of check in and until check out.

The rates of the tourist plans in force at the time of confirmation of the sale and payment of the travel plan are respected.

For tourist plans in which a deadline is agreed for payment, the agreed price will be respected from the confirmation of payment within the established deadlines

Airport taxes, as well as the administrative fee applicable for the issuance of the ticket and The respective taxes will be subject to what is indicated by each airline. The difference that occurs due to the variation of said rates must be assumed by the purchaser of the plan.

The generated quotes show availability and values ??at the time of their issuance, they do not imply the confirmation of air or hotel quotas. The quote does not guarantee availability in the air class or the hotel listed, nor the rates indicated there, if the reservation and payment of the travel plan services is made later. The reconfirmation is subject to the total payment of the reservation.

The minimum stay in all plans is two (2) nights. Each tourist plan includes particular services, so the validity, the services and the conditions and restrictions of the Plan to be acquired should be consulted.

RATES DO NOT INCLUDE: long distance telephone calls, laundry service, safety deposit box, medical assistance, medicine, diving classes and charges that are not expressly specified in the purchased plan.

For some plans there may be specific terms and conditions that exempt the application of the specific conditions described here. In this sense, the characteristics, conditions and restrictions should be consulted before acquiring the desired plan.



For San Andrés and Amazonas, the passenger must pay the value of the tourist card at the airport.

For El Salvador, Jamaica and Amazonas, the passenger must have the yellow fever vaccine at least ten days before the date of travel.

The maximum weight of luggage allowed per passenger in national and international destinations is subject to the conditions of each airline. For the Island of Providencia, the maximum weight allowed is 10 kilos.

For reconfirmed plans, no change of airline or reservation holder is allowed. Changes in the date of the electronic ticket are subject to penalty and difference in airfare.

As a general rule, the time of entry to the hotel is at 3:00 pm and the time of departure from the hotel is 12:00 noon. If the user requires modification of the departure time, they must request it from the hotel who will confirm availability and additional charge.

The balance of partially used plans is not reimbursed, except for force majeure or acts of God duly verified; case in which the value of the services not used will be reimbursed less the expenses that are caused or caused by the cancellation.

The value of the penalties that may apply will be discounted from the value paid by the passenger and / or Agency.

If the user cancels the reservation and wishes to travel at a later date, the value paid will be credited to the new plan less the value of the penalties, the new plan will be subject to availability.

Plans canceled and with less than 1 year of issuance, will be given a credit note for the amount paid minus the value of the penalties established to be used in the following year. In any case, the conditions and restrictions of the tickets must be reviewed with the respective airline.

In the cases of numerals h), i), the credit note can only be used by the client by paying it to a new plan and paying the difference with the existing rate for the date of the new reservation.

Minors who enter the hotel without the company of their parents, must present the following documents:

i) parental authorization to enter in the company of third parties, this document must be presented in original with acknowledgment of signature and content before a notary public ;

ii) copy of the minor's civil registry;

iii) a copy of the identification of the parents who sign the authorization and

iv) a photocopy of the document of the person authorized to travel with the minor. Without these documents they will not be allowed to enter. The permit for the minor to enter the hotel does not replace the permit to leave the country, which must be processed in accordance with what is required by the immigration authority of each country.

Refund filings will be processed by BES VACATIONS & DMC. within a term no greater than 30 calendar days from the filing of the request.

For the purposes of calculating the terms established here, the days will be calendar and will be counted from the date of submission of the application with all the complete documents.

The rooms in triple and quadruple accommodation are managed with an additional smaller bed or two double beds. The allocation of additional bed will be subject to availability upon arrival at the respective hotel.

"Infants" are considered to be those under 2 years of age, "Children" to minors between the age of 2 and 11 years on the date of entry to the hotel. From 12 years is considered an adult and will be charged as such. The rates corresponding to infants and children will be applied sharing a minimum room with two adults paying a double rate, or an adult paying a single rate. The ages of minors must be indicated at the time of booking and confirmation of services.

For the provision of the airport - hotel - airport transfer service, the traveler must appear at the meeting point 15 minutes before the time set for the transfer. The client assumes the obligation to comply with the particular rules established by the service provider during the development of the transfer.

All travelers, without exception (including minors), must have the corresponding personal and family documentation in order, a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity and a National Identity Document, as well as visas and licenses as required by the laws of the country or countries you visit.

The “Invoice” document shows total values of the services paid by the plan user, breaking down the taxes for each of the services.

The services included in the acquired plan are the responsibility of each of the companies that provide them. BES VACATIONS & DMC., Only acts as an agent or intermediary with the client.

No airline or name changes are allowed after having issued a voucher and ticket.

The promotional plans are NOT modifiable, endorsable, reviewable, or refundable, in any season. These conditions also apply to promotional plans reserved by deposit.

BES VACATIONS & DMC. It only acts as an agent or intermediary and adheres to the penalty, withdrawal and withdrawal policies established by each airline, so it is the traveler's obligation to verify the terms and conditions of the airline with which the airline ticket is purchased.

The rates published on this website include taxes and hotel insurance.

Travelers who have stays in low season, passing through Friday and / or Saturday nights and on bank holidays on Sunday night, will be charged a supplement per night per person, which will be settled directly by the system at moment of making the quote or reservation.

For the modification and / or cancellation of the contracted plans, the traveler will be subject to the Policies established and informed on the WEB page.

Reservations with direct payment at the hotel will not be accepted. If the traveler wishes to pay directly at the hotel, they will be subject to the applicable hotel rates upon arrival.

Travelers on international plans must show up at the airport 3 hours before flight departure, at national destinations 2 hours before flight departure and on land transportation 1 hour before scheduled departure.

Pets are not allowed to enter and / or stay in hotels, except at the Aloft Hotel.



All-Inclusive Plan: This plan is made up of accommodation services at the chosen hotel, all meals, breakfasts and lunches buffet-style, a la carte dinners in the hotel's specialized restaurants, snacks, unlimited national drinks and liquors, open bar with unlimited national drinks and liquors. Some hotels have a 24-hour bar service (check schedules), directed recreation for adults and children, non-motorized water sports in beach hotels, hotel taxes and beach or pool towels.

Show and / or live music every night, beach or pool towels. Free Wi-Fi in common areas, Safety box, gym, non-motorized water sports

Show and / or live music every night, beach or pool towels, free Wi-Fi in common areas, Safety box, gym, non-motorized water sports. • Breakfast Only Plan for hotels in Providencia and Lago de Tota: This plan is made up of accommodation services at the affiliated Hotels in Providencia and Tota and continental breakfast.

The plans described above do NOT include: Expenses not specified in the program, telephone calls, laundry service, safety deposit box, medical assistance, medicines and charges that are not expressly specified in the plan purchased.



When the user of the tourist services fails to comply by not showing up (NO SHOW) or not using the services acquired, he will pay as a penalty, the values in force on the date the plan was acquired and that have been established in the terms and conditions stated in the service voucher delivered.

For promotional plans, the penalties of each promotion will be applied.

For air tickets given that BES VACATIONS & DMC. is an intermediary between the passenger and the airline, BES VACATIONS & DMC. It adheres to the fare rule according to the class and airline of the purchased plan, so the penalty will be subject to the policies of each airline, the fare rules may be consulted on the page of the respective airline. BES VACATIONS will act as an intermediary to manage the refund of the ticket in front of the airline as long as the applied rate is refundable.

In the case of the hotel, the first night is charged at the public rate in effect on the date of cancellation. These penalties apply for sales of 1 to 14 passengers. For groups greater than 15 passengers, consult the penalties established in the contract, or the respective quote accepted by the parties. • For tourist plans that include ground transportation to the destination, the total value of transportation per person will be charged.

For San Andrés - Providencia - San Andrés tickets, the Searca airline will charge a penalty of fifteen United States dollars (U $ 15) per passenger for changes in route, dates or names, plus differences in airport rates or taxes.

No penalties apply in case of force majeure, fortuitous event or medical incapacity of the holder of the reservation or a relative in the first degree of consanguinity. The request for exoneration must be accompanied by the corresponding support (s) and submitted within 15 days following the date of the trip, filing the documents through the email support@besvactions.com.



Colombian citizens traveling to the following international destinations must meet the following requirements:

ECUADOR, EL SALVADOR, AND PERU: Passport valid for at least 6 months before the expiration date; Round trip ticket and voucher for services. For the entry of minors without one of their parents MINOR TRAVELERS ABROAD

MEXICO: Valid passport, round trip ticket, hotel voucher. Take into account that for minors traveling alone or with a person who does not exercise guardianship or parental authority over them, they must present: Civil registration of birth, Permission to leave the country addressed to Mexican Immigration Authorities by the parents or those who exercise parental authority or guardianship, authenticated before a notary public and with the full requirements of the authority, which must be reviewed by the traveler. If the exit permit has been granted abroad, it must be legalized or apostilled, as the case may be, with its translation in the case of a language other than Spanish.

JAMAICA: Colombian citizen travelers bound for Jamaica whose visit does not exceed 30 days, may enter the island without a visa and must carry: Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, roundtrip air ticket and International certificate of the yellow fever vaccine.

PANAMA: Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before its expiration date and service voucher.

UNDER AGE TRAVELERS: Minors traveling outside the country must present, in addition to the indicated documents, civil birth registration, identity card (if any). When the minor travels with one or none of their parents, in addition to the above, they must have the permission addressed to the immigration authorities granted by their parents before the competent authority. If the father is abroad, the document must be apostilled. In the case of Mexico, for the entry of minors to the hotel without the company of some of their parents or whoever exercises guardianship or parental authority, the authorization of the parents must be presented for entry with third parties, this document must be presented in original with acknowledgment of signature and content before a notary; copy of the identification of the parents who sign the authorization and photocopy of the document of the person authorized to travel with the minor, these documents do not replace the exit permit addressed to the Mexican immigration authorities. The information on the required documents applies to Colombian citizens, foreigners should consult the respective embassies and / or consulates. This information must be permanently re-confirmed in the sales offices and / or embassies or consulates of the destination, the embassies and / or consulates reserve the right to modify the documents and requirements established by them without prior notice. For destinations that require a vaccination certificate, the traveler must present it with the documents indicated here. We do not assume responsibility in the event that the authorities of the visited country deny the passenger the documents required for entry or do not allow it, an event in which the value of the unused services will be reimbursed less the value of the expenses and / or penalties that are have caused. If the passenger is a foreigner, consult the travel requirements with the advisor.



Service voucher




In development of the provisions of Law 679 of 2001, Law 1336 of 2009, and other concordant regulations, BES VACATIONS & DMC. warns tourists that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are considered crimes and therefore criminally sanctioned. By virtue of Decree 3840 of 2009, BES VACATIONS & DMC. has adopted a model of "Code of Conduct", which promotes prevention policies and avoids the use and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism.